Futurologist Max Thinius
The video column about female power in business

The Future Cool Video Column about female power in business

Max Thinius is regarded as Europe’s leading futurologist.

He researches and works on topics ranging from digitalization, social development, economy, financial market, urban and regional development, to health, nutrition, education and politics.

From this holistic view, many possibilities of the future often become visible – and his FUTURE COOL column, of course.

The Future Cool Video Column by Max Thinius

If anyone thought that women in business was only about gender justice – it is much more! It’s about a new view of our society and the quality of life and economy that it makes possible. Possible for many more people than we have integrated into our society so far.


Where men often have a focus on technology, women see the possibilities of using technology to make our society a better place. Let’s all learn from it and change the world.


Stay active – and let’s get our future cool!


Max Thinius – Futurologist

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