Happy Birthday!

We fell in love …

… with a magazine idea in the summer of 2019 and have been hopelessly addicted to it ever since. The idea of the magazine is simple: show me beautiful souls, creative ideas and intriguing perspectives. The Educated Cool went live in May last year and has been getting a little more alive every day since.

We started from zero, we learned tons and we got to know so many amazing people along the way which is a reward in itself. Our magazine is still a love story for us, and we are happy and proud about every new follower, just like back in May 2020.

So, now that the birthday candles have been blown out, let us introduce you to seven highlights from the last twelve months that have particularly stuck in our minds …

If you like watches and love art, then you should know Julie Kraulis. Her universe is a world of its own, where art and artisan mastery merge perfectly.

The Toronto-based master of the pencil or rather of the Staedtler Mars Lumograph is just a click away right here:

We managed to get an interview with Jean-Marc Pontroué, the CEO of Panerai and got to know a man who, behind the scenes, has made a great brand fit for the future again.

A top manager with an entrepreneurial spirit, a brand manager with a holistic approach and an extremely approachable man – all in one person.

Interviews with such a counterpart are fondly remembered and a good read as well:

Since 2011 Positive Luxury has been accelerating organisations’ adaptation to the new climate economy.

We talked to the co-founder and CEO Diana Verde Nieto about her path, her mission and the future of sustainable luxury.

Please find our interview about an impressive career, a tireless fight for the better and a great manager and networker here:

March 2021 – our very first interview for The Educated Cool with one of our favourite artists and musicians – Lloyd Cole.

For the interview about Robert Moog and electronic music in his life, please click here:

The last time we were in Milan, it was unfortunately not possible to meet Nicoletta Caraceni in person – nevertheless, we were able to have an exchange with her afterwards, whose openness and intensity was very inspiring.

»Passion« is an inflationary term, but it is so appropriate here. Read the interview, and you will hear her speak and see her eyes shine, promised:

Unfortunately we couldn’t make it to his bunker in Berlin at that time but he was truly supportive, kind, and open anyway: Christian Boros – one of the most interesting personalities of the international art scene gave us an interview about his life, Beuys and his thoughts on the art circus.

Click here for our conversation with him while he sought shelter from Covid in the Uckermark at that time:

Don’t try to ride on a bicycle over Milanese cobblestones to an interview appointment, unless you’re missing some adventure in your life…

So, we still managed to turn up unscathed at Francesco Maglia’s manufactory and experienced almost four hours of pure umbrella magic plus a super kind and enthusiastic entrepreneur whom you can meet here:

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