Futurologist Max Thinius
The video column about the future of gardening

The Future Cool Video Column about the future of gardening

Max Thinius is regarded as Europe’s leading futurologist.

He researches and works on topics ranging from digitalization, social development, economy, financial market, urban and regional development, to health, nutrition, education and politics.

From this holistic view, many possibilities of the future often become visible – and his FUTURE COOL column, of course.

The Future Cool Video Column by Max Thinius

When we think of our garden today, we see ourselves sitting there with a nice barbecue, looking at the freshly planted pansies and watching the bumblebees buzzing. But if we consider that around 70% of European cities want to be climate neutral by 2040, then “green” must be able to do more.

The garden industry is one of the most underestimated in the world. Today still a bit stuffy and attuned to planters, tomorrow it will already be responsible for us being able to live better in our cities. And that’s not just about the garden, but also about data. And what is possible with it is the subject of the current episode of “The Future Cool – Gardening & Data!


Max Thinius – Futurologist

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