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Worshipping Burt
Erobique says a little prayer for Burt Bacharach

Erobique on Bacharach and irregular beats

It seems likely that Burt Bacharach has probably never heard of Erobique, but the reverse is true, and that’s just as well, as we see in the short appreciation interview with the great musician and former ‚International Pony‘ founder.

What significance Burt Bacharach has for him and what he is currently working on, he revealed to us in a very quick conversation between two melodies and a microphone.

»I would love to hear Billie Eilish sing
“The Look of Love”«
Erobique in LA (Credits
Erobique in LA (Photo:

Erobique x TEC

Worshipping Burt Bacharach
Is one of the Bacharach songs an all-time favourite of yours?

Let’s put it this way: Burt Bacharach is definitely one of my all-time favourite composers. My favourite songs by him are hard to count. The song “Say a Little Prayer” is my little cabinet piece when there’s a piano around somewhere.

Many Bacharach songs sound simple or simply perfect. Is it true that the simpler a song sounds, the more demanding the art of arranging and omitting often is in reality?

For me, Bacharach is the grand master of balance. Finding the right balance of major and minor, of symmetry and irregularity, of craft and intuition is the recipe for timelessly great music.

Bacharach has shaken such songs out of his sleeve time and again. You don’t always notice the careful construction and perfectionism in the arrangement at first hearing.

One of the reasons we think Bacharach songs are just perfect is that many of them create a pretty intriguing mixture of confidence and melancholy. Do you sense that too?

The recordings from the 60s in particular very often have a comforting, warm sound, reminiscent of a utopian, peaceful time that probably never existed for anyone.

But this discrepancy is already built into the songs, in the irregular beats, the dynamic breaks and especially in the melancholic lyrics by Burt’s congenial partner Hal David.

A fairy comes and you can record a Bacharach song with a singer and a band/orchestra of your choice. What song would it be and what would the line-up look like?

I would love to hear Billie Eilish sing “The Look of Love”. A few dabs of electric piano played by her brother Finneas would probably suffice as accompaniment.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on music that is supposed to recreate the 60s, 70s and 80s for a documentary. I feel like a musical model hobbyist who builds his own oldies station….

Thank you, Erobique!
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