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Susan Sontag used to say: “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” and we are pretty sure that Gretha Heisig would also confirm this for herself. She is the Editor-in-Chief of a new media brand in the luxury travel segment called »Hotels in Heaven«.

It’s a hotel guide where you get inside views of the best luxury hotels and the most stunning destinations around the world – partly made by the editors themselves.

This aspect turns this platform into something very interesting and different from the normal digital guide and Gretha told is more about it in our interview between two trips.

»We figure out the essence of the hotel, its philosophy and idiosyncrasy.«
Gretha Heisig - Editor-in-Chief of »Hotels in Heaven«
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Gretha, please tell us which hotel you have just visited?

Our last stay was in Austria at “Das Edelweiss Salzburg Mountain Resort” in beautiful Salzburger Land.

What was the most surprising thing about that hotel?

I think every destination brings certain surprises and magic as soon as you are on location and really get to know it. Through the close contact that we have with the hotels during a production, we are allowed to immerse ourselves intensively in their world. And, above all, we get to know the personalities and their specific approach as a host. As the saying goes: the 5th star can only be earned through service.

The plant which is the namesake of the resort „Edelweiss“ stands for love and community which is related to the hotel’s own philosophy: To be a place for young and old. A great aspect of DAS EDELWEISS Salzburg Mountain Resort is without a doubt the separation of family and adult areas. Moreover, the family owned venue is perfectly situated in the Grossarltal also known as „the Valley of Mountain huts“.

HiH-Microsite for the Villa Honegg
HiH-Microsite for the Villa Honegg including editorial videos
HiH-Microsite for the Villa Honegg
What does the hotel have to offer to meet the “Hotels in Heaven” standard?

Every hotel has its own soul and character. It is not just an empty building, but a special place where you spend time, want to pamper yourself and forget everyday life. Our treasure hunt therefore consists of finding those places of longing that are above average in all criteria.

Of course, one must never forget that the decision for a hotel is subjective and strongly influenced by one’s own interests. What is especially important to you? Flawless service that reads your every wish from your lips? A romantic candlelight dinner over the rooftops? The special atmosphere on an overwater villa or the adrenaline rush of a mountain bike trail? Therefore we try to consider criteria that go beyond the hotel and the service itself.

What about a four bedroom villa at the Baa Atoll, or ... (© Vakkaru Maldives)
... a luxury chalet with full-time butler service in Austria, ...(© Hotels in Heaven®)
... or one of the 25 private suites on Mykonos. (© Kalesma Mykonos)
Where will you start your day ... (© Hotels in Heaven®)
... and say ‚Good night!‘? (© Hotels in Heaven®)
What does HIH’s editorial team do differently from its competitors?

It’s not easy to choose a hotel when you can assume that all the top-class “star carriers” offer impeccable service, cleanliness and exclusivity. This means that we figure out the essence of the hotel, its philosophy and idiosyncrasy, and capture them in our Signature Collection through on-site visual content production. In the end we are more than an editorial platform as we offer the hotels full creative concepts and video productions.

The content that we produce and design on site is made freely available to the hotel afterwards for their own use. With every video clip one of our editors is creating on site, we offer more than the ordinary hotel guide by providing authentic content. This unique way of presentation not only sets us apart from the rest, but also offers a virtual journey that “guides” the reader through the hotel’s world on site.

Vakkaru Maledives Microsite on ‚Hotels in Heaven‘
Vakkaru Maledives Signature-Collection-Review
Vakkaru Maledives Signature-Collection-Review
Vakkaru Maledives Signature-Collection-Review
Signature-Collection-Review including editorial videos
What do you think changed from the readers/users point of view in terms of travelling in the post-covid times?

One’s own safety and trust in responsible hosts have of course become two particularly important factors that need to be attended to. In addition to that, it’s about the details and questions like: how spacious is the spa area so that I can feel safe? Is the architecture of the hotel generally designed to provide sufficient privacy? Can I easily imagine being there myself?

Through our visual staging, we can give the reader this assurance and a true insight into their potential dream destination.

Where will your next journey take you?

The next trip will take us to one of the most romantic places on our planet: Tuscany. This region is full of art, a huge cultural heritage, history and picturesque villages that invite you to linger.

I can’t wait to explore this breathtaking landscape, believe me!

Which hotels have particularly caught your eye lately?

That’s a tough one. Just come over to Hotels in Heaven and find your next favourite destination. Plus: check out the little summer escape series we will present here on The Educated Cool from next week on!

Thank you, Gretha!

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