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The La’s – There She Goes

The La’s – There She Goes

Maybe unimaginable today, but this song was a very rare ray of hope in the wasteland of synth-pop and soulless production orgies of the late 80s. Suddenly someone seemed to be able to remember that the Beatles once existed. This song was a salvation and the early foundation of what became Brit Pop some years later on. The sweet jangling, the acoustic backbone, the polyphonic singing and pure 60s harmonies – it was a relief to hear that Britain’s songwriting tradition was not completely lost. At least not in Liverpool.

Written by the band’s frontman, Lee Mavers, The La’s released the single in 1988 but the song reached the Top Twenty on the UK Singles Charts only when it was re-issued in 1990, remixed by Steve Lillywhite.

The sessions with Lillywhite at London’s Eden Studios would become the band’s final attempt at recording their debut album, which also featured “There She Goes”. Contrary to the band’s strong criticism of Lillywhite’s subsequently created sound, the debut album was highly acclaimed by critics and music magazines.

Noel Gallagher once said: “There She Goes” is my favourite song of the 90s and by the way, if you’re only going to make one album in your life, make THAT album. Mavers is a magnificent songwriter … and a lazy bollock, too.”

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