Liebling of the Day
The Wooden T-Shirt by Vollebak

The Wooden T-Shirt by Vollebak

Our LIEBLING OF THE DAY is the Wooden T-Shirt by Vollebak which is made from eucalyptus and seaweed, and coloured with a carbon-capturing bio-ink that’s made entirely from wood waste.

The high-performance ink used to colour the Wooden T-Shirt was developed by California-based company Nature Coatings, which turns wood waste from the lumber, paper, and flooring industries into super clean black pigment ink.

“Every black thing we own is likely to contain carbon black, from our phones to our cars to the ink in our pens.”, explains Vollebak co-founder Steve Tidball. “Vast tracts of lands called tar sands are stripped of all life and vegetation to extract the heavy petroleum, while the production process creates significant greenhouse gas emissions. So, our aim is to reinvent the way that black clothing is made.”

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