Kuball & Kempe
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Crystal handpainted Playing Card Tumblers by Theresienthal

Kuball & Kempe are style and brand consultants, tastemakers, interior designers, fashion journalists and also the owners of a charming boutique for tableware and interior design in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence in the south of France.

Peter and Thomas were once brought in to successfully re-establish the Theresienthal glass manufactory, founded in 1863, on the market with a new design concept in 2005.

The design of these beautifully handcrafted Playing Card Tumblers is – of course – by Kuball & Kempe themselves. Just drop them a mail to find out more (contact below).

Crystal handpainted Tumblers by Theresienthal
The Kuball & Kempe Store
Peter Kempe and Thomas Kuball

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