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The PK31 by Poul Kjaerholm

The PK31 by Poul Kjaerholm

Product: PK31

Designer: Poul Kjaerholm

Manufacturer: E. Kold Christensen

Release date: 1958

Materials: leather, steel, rubber, wood, down

Price: on request at antibeige

Poul Kjaerholm (Denmark, 1929-80) is one of the most important furniture designers of the mid-century era. Vintage originals are immensely sought after and sold at design auctions to collectors worldwide. As a trained carpenter Kjaerholm developed a particular interest in different construction materials, especially steel, which he considered a natural material with the same artistic fineness as other natural materials.

The PK31 is a true design icon: a lounge chair that also works as a modular element, enabling the production of sofas of variable length, so the number and arrangement of seating could be adapted to the room it was meant for.

This combination of architectural, interior design, and industrial thinking is characteristic of Kjaerholm and contributed to his designs’ long-term success. The clean lines and harmonic proportions gave the PK31 a sleek impression, even seen from behind, so it was ideal for larger reception areas.

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