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The last furniture designed in the Eames office

Soft Pad Sofa by Ray & Charles Eames

Product: ES108 Soft Pad Sofa

Designer: Ray & Charles Eames

Manufacturer: Vitra

Release date: 60s

Vitra production period: 1982 – 1986

Materials: wood, leather, upholstery, rubber, aluminium

Price: on request at antibeige

Famous look, rare sight: this is the last furniture product designed in the Eames office: the ‚Soft Pad Sofa‘. The design process started in the mid-1960s, was put on hold, and took up again until it was finally introduced in 1984, six years after Charles’s death.

It was designed as a part of the ‚ Aluminum Group‘ to accompany furniture like the ‚soft pad‘ and ‚Time & Life‘ chairs or the ‚Eames Chaise‘ in office, institutional or residential surroundings. The sofas were produced by Vitra in Switzerland from 1982-86 only, so they are lesser-known than other ‚soft pad‘ pieces.

Here we have a three-seater sofa, frame polished aluminum, restored solid wood seating frame and backrests, newly installed rubber webbing seat suspension, original leather but freshly upholstered cushions, and armrests (these are delicate – please never sit on them).

If you’re searching for an elegant, somewhat formal, but very comfortable sofa, this could be your favourite piece of furniture for the next decades.

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