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The Jam – That’s Entertainment

The Jam – That’s Entertainment

It’s Winter 1980 – Paul Weller, founder and frontman of The Jam, is back home late in the evening and writes one of the most iconic songs of its time in just one go. Unusual for the bands’ sound, “That’s Entertainment” is largely acoustic with light percussion … but with Wellers usual lyrics full of sarcasm and defiance.

“It was just everything that was around me you know. My little flat in Pimlico did have damp on the walls and it was f–king freezing. It was so easy to write. I came back from the pub, drunk, and just wrote it quickly. I probably had more verses, which I cut.” told Weller once in an interview with Mojo Magazine.

The song is generally regarded as the standout track from the album “Sound Affects” which was released in January 81. Oddly enough, the song was not released as a single in the UK that year but reached #21 in the domestic charts anyway – as a German import and at the time the biggest-selling import release and record-high chart placing ever.

Today, “That’s Entertainment” is an integral part of UK’s cultural canon, an anthem from long ago for some, but still a timeless and toxic lament on the bareness of life.

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