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Berlin Tegel Chair by Meinhard von Gerkan

Berlin Tegel Chair by Meinhard von Gerkan

Product: Berlin Tegel Chair

Designer: Meinhard von Gerkan

Manufacturer: Walter Knoll

Release date: 1974

Dimensions: h: 66, w: 71, d: 80 cm

A chair for an airport: Berlin Tegel, opened in 1974, planned by young architectural office ‚von Gerkan, Marg und Partner (GMP)‘ – and visibly ultramodern with its functional hexagonal grid. The honeycomb principle ensured simplicity, clarity, extremely short distances from cab to plane, and fast handling procedures.

Meinhard von Gerkan and his partner started with a bang and went on to global fame from here: developing airports and train stations and converting the Berlin Olympic stadium as well as whole cities in China.

Von Gerkan also designed the interior for Berlin Tegel, with seating systems in the waiting areas, not composed of long benches as usual today – but single seats, comfortable and luxurious. Re-painted in the Lamborghini colour “Giallo Corona Yellow” by the trusted car painter of antibeige.

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