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The Schizzo Chairs of Ron Arad

The Schizzo Chairs of Ron Arad

Product: Pair of Schizzo Chairs

Designer: Ron Arad

Manufacturer: Vitra

Release date: 1989

Dimensions: w: 36, d: 53, h: 90 cm

Materials: beech, steel

Price: on request at antibeige

“Schizzo” is a chair like a cell: it splits into two identical chairs. This impressive and unique design is the brainchild of creative mastermind Ron Arad. Born in 1951 in Tel Aviv, he opened his own design studio „One Off ltd.“ in London in 1981.

Often building his unconventional, sculptural objects by hand, he became known worldwide for his readymades from old car seats, a brutal concrete stereo, hand-welded steel, innovative carbon fiber furniture, and sculptural mass-produced products.

Ron Arad is always testing and crossing boundaries: moving away from familiar forms and perspectives, and experimenting with materials and technologies. Here we have a nice example of his innovative thinking: a pair of identical sculptural chairs that fit into each other – probably the most elegant solution for stacking chairs around a small kitchen table.

The very apt name „Schizzo“ is Italian for “Sketch” but also refers to English for “Schizo”, short for a split personality. And exactly that is quite a useful thing – no matter whether for a design collector or an occasional cook.

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