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Roxy Music – More than this

Roxy Music – More than this

Bryan Ferry rented the Crumlin Lodge on the rugged Irish west coast in 1981 to get into that creative flow you can’t buy. The pressure was on, as with the last album “Flesh and Blood” his band made it to the top of the British charts for the first time. The next album had to ignite again in order to establish Roxy Music on the next level.

His original plan was to write a concept album in which all the songs are thematically linked, but he didn’t have the time and perhaps the courage back then. So, he changed his plan and wrote ten poems about separation, loss and death.

Among others, one poem about the tragic end of a relationship and the sad realisation that there was not enough understanding for each other. “I could feel at the time, there was no way of knowing – fallen leaves in the night, who can say where they’re blowing?”

“More than this” was a Top Ten Hit in UK and several other countries and part of the album Avalon which was released in May 1982. It was Roxy Music’s eighth, final and most successful studio album in the UK, US, and around the globe.

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