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Rocking Armchair Rod Base by Ray & Charles Eams

Rocking Armchair Rod Base (RAR) by Ray & Charles Eames

Product: Rocking Armchair Rod Base (RAR)

Designer: Ray & Charles Eames

Manufacturer: Herman Miller

Year: 1950

Dimensions: W: 63 cm, D: 69 cm, H: 67 cm

Materials: Fiberglas, Rubber, Metal and Wood

Price: on request at antibeige

One of the most sought-after Eames chairs: the Rocking Armchair Rod Base (rar), in a not-so-often-found colour: crimson, a radiant red Perfect as a splash of colour in modern interiors.

The fiberglass seat shells by Ray & Charles Eames are a very common sight now, so when buying, try to get something a little bit special. And by the way: rocking makes happy!

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