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Rainbow Chair by Andreas Thaler

Rainbow Chair by Andreas Thaler

Product: Rainbow Chair (prototype)

Designer: Andreas Thaler

Year: 1999

Dimensions: l: 100, w: 100, h: 79 cm

Price: on request at antibeige

Working with vintage furniture sometimes resembles a treasure hunt – and as you may know, you rarely find one. But that’s actually the case here: this „Rainbow Chair“, designed in 1999 by Andreas Thaler, exists only in form of three prototypes, one each in black, white and red plus a few examples produced on customer demand.

One of them decorated an MTV backdrop for years. And after a journey through time and space this twenty-year-old red exemplar reemerged. Made of coated styrofoam with a strong patina, the coating peels off and crumbles – it was just a prototype, never intended for real usage.

Andreas Thaler was born in Linz, Austria. Working at the border between art and design his pieces are distinguished by geometric reduction and a unique language of shapes. Objects of laser-cut metal, coated polyurethane or crystal, from eye-glasses through seating furniture to room instalments.

Thaler’s objects are to be found at European Museums, Art- and Design Hotels, MTV Studios and Headquarters of famous companies. Advisory: this prototype is not intended for usage. It is a very rare object of art, suitable for collectors.

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