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Prachtsbock 2019

Prachtsbock 2019  – in a limited edition of 750 numbered bottles

This variety of freshness, straight lines and never ending length is our revelation for high quality Riesling. First pineapple then quince then … and then … After each tasting, a new member of the aroma of this unique wine is presented to us.

»Pure Rheingau Zen!«

The first nose fills us with apple quince and stretched pineapple acid. Come closer, this cuvée whispers. Occurs! Taste me! This Prachtsbock could be a wise Japanese serau who invites us to nibble from his garden. Mirabelle trees move in the wind and sway their 豊 後 系, bungo-kei, the best Japanese apricots of all universes. To run through this garden and slowly inhale and exhale in awe … that’s the way it is with the merchants and their guests. Pure Rheingau Zen! That is also Demeter certified, but that is the philosophy that is lived there.

And especially in the wines. Bocky. Yellow apricot. Compote-like without being sweet. Crisp, fresh acid structure. Light mint aromas. Lemon thyme bows and touches the ground with its forehead. Without losing your balance.

The splendor ram is over-present with air, which shows the enormous quality that invisible wings allow the splendor ram to outgrow itself. The miraculous acidity draws the aromas down the palate, like a ram with invisible enemies splashing around in the onsen during a tug of war.

This ume, these mirabelle plums, this fruit sweetness without being sweet, this texture at a pleasant temperature, this harmonious yet exciting, this something that is in all of us and drives us to live. Please open the wine at 10 a.m., decant it at room temperature and then cool it for five hours in the decanter in the white wine refrigerator and then pour it back into the bottle at room temperature four hours before serving and then … drink. That is terrific! With Ikarimi salmon, kumquat mandarin stock, Basque pepper – a zen circle.


André Macionga

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