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P 700 Shelves designed by Vittorio Introini

P 700 Wall-Mounted Metal Shelves designed by Vittorio Introini

Product: P 700 Wall-Mounted Metal Shelves/pair

Designer: Vittorio Introini

Manufacturer: Saporiti

Year: 1969

Dimensions: h: 235 cm, w: 65 cm, d: 37 cm

Materials: stainless steel

Price: on request at antibeige

Impressive and useful at the same time, somewhere between Milanese elegance and American space age: these famous P 700 Wall-Mounted Metal Shelves were designed by Vittorio Introini 1969 and produced by Saporiti, Italy.

Introini, born 1935, was an Italian postwar & contemporary artist, architect and designer. In the sixties, he designed furniture that not only met the spirit of the times, but also convinced through innovation, knowledge of materials and creativity.

Besides these shelves, he also developed avant-garde desks, chairs and armchairs – and in Saporiti he found an equally innovative company that produced many of his designs.

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