Liquid Luxury
Nymphe vom Montfort 2018

Nymphe vom Montfort 2018 in a limited edition of hand signed and numbered 3,500 bottles

A liquid beauty that immediately enchants us and never let us go.

The fine freshness and minerality are paired with a wonderful breadth that completely takes our taste buds.

»Look at me, here I am.«

Already after opening it is clear to see what kind of beauty we are dealing with. With a wine with a learning effect that has tried to get better and better over the various vintages and now stands proudly in front of us and says: “Look at me, here I am.”

The very current green tones of aniseed, thyme and lemon balm are disappearing After just a few seconds from the nose and on the palate, there is a play of aromas of stone fruit, flamed thyme and such a caressing texture that seems almost overwhelming for the first sip. The Nymphe vom Montfort 2018 from Klostermühle Odernheim + André Macionga has not only grown in complexity.


André Macionga

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