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Introducing MUTI

MUTI – simplify your daily care routine

Every week we present a brand that is part of the portfolio of The Wearness – the online marketplace for sustainable clothing, accessories and beauty.

This time we introduce you to the clean beauty label MUTI that has developed a minimalist and yet highly effective unisex facial line.

Read the interview with Alexander Scholz who gave up his job as a financial advisor to found MUTI –conducted by our colleagues from The Wearness.

»We want to combine the best of both worlds of conventional skin care and natural cosmetics.«
Dear Alexander, what makes clean beauty different from normal skin care or natural cosmetics, and why did you choose this concept?

Beauty brands that consider themselves ‘clean’ try to avoid controversial ingredients such as fillers, colourants or fragrances as well as ingredients suspected of being hormonally active.

However, ‘clean beauty’ is not a legally protected term, so brands are free to interpret what is and what isn’t ‘clean’. We have chosen this concept because we want to combine the best of both worlds of conventional skin care and natural cosmetics. In natural cosmetics, for example, ethanol is usually used as a preservative because strict regulations do not allow many alternatives.

For us this amounts to a restriction that leaves us too little freedom and is therefore out of the question for us.

What is the story behind the name MUTI?

MUTI is an acronym and describes our approach and values: Modern. Unique. True. Intelligent.

Where do your active ingredients come from? What is your secret?

We mainly use active ingredients that have proven to be effective and avoid trendy substances. Hyaluronic acid is a good example of a proven active ingredient and as a ‘moisturiser’ in skin care products it is hard to imagine cosmetics without it.

Most of our active agents come from Germany or Europe. The marine ingredients in our anti-aging eye cream, for example, are extracted from a plankton species off the coast of Brittany.

Are the products also suitable for people with allergies?

Our simplicity philosophy not only refers to the reduced design and packaging, but also to the ingredients. We want to offer products that are well tolerated despite their high effectiveness. However, whether a product is suitable for people with allergies must always be tested in each individual case.

To claim anything else would be negligent. We recommend our CALM DOWN SERUM to customers with very sensitive skin and receive very positive feedback from customers with rosacea or neurodermatitis.

We love your products not only because of the ingredients but also because of the look. Tell us more about your packaging concept, please.

Thank you. A high-quality look and feel is very important to us. That’s why we develop our packaging and design with the well-known Munich creative director Mirko Borsche.

A special feature of our design is our so-called Colour Code, which you can find on every product. The jars of the FACE line, for example, are very similar, so the coloured lids make the care routine easier. Let’s say, in the morning you go for pink and in the evening for blue, instead of having to read the description on the jar each time.

Recycling is also an important issue for us. We visit packaging trade fairs to see the latest innovations and have already had some meetings with recycling experts in our office. However, the promise of ‘100% recycled plastic’, which you can find on a lot of packaging these days, is unfortunately only a clever advertising claim to attract customers.

The technology isn’t ready yet for a genuine recycling cycle. After the second reprocessing, the ‘cycle’ usually comes to an end. In addition, new material is often added, so we are careful with such claims.

You’ve recently added a cleansing line. What is the best way to cleaned your skin every day?

In general, follow the credo: less is more. There is still too much cleansing and with too aggressive ingredients. If the skin ‘squeaks’ after cleansing, too much has already been done and the skin’s protected acid mantle is already stressed.

Our new CLEAN line contains mild sugar surfactants that cleanse very gently without dehydrating alcohols or irritating perfume. None of our products foam a lot, as you can see from the mild surfactants. It’s important to take your time to work the product in thoroughly and to gently dab the skin after washing it off. Rubbing and hot water should be avoided, as both can be irritating or dehydrating.

Thank you, Alexander!

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