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New German Design straight from the early 80s

New German Design straight from the early 80s

Product: High Chair

Dimensions: h: 92 cm, sh: 65 cm, diam: 49 cm

Materials: metal, rubber

Price: on request at antibeige

Progress is change. And change means doing something differently than before: students revolt against their teachers, young progressives against old masters. The subversive humour of the Italian „Memphis Group“ was a rebellion against the monotony resulting from the overpowering rule of „form follows function“.

The radical „New German Design“ of the 80s was provoked by concrete, steel, and recycled materials. Again and again, designers experimented with „ready-mades“: chairs made from shopping carts, lamps from car headlights, and tables from traffic signs. Or in this case, a chair made of suction cups.

The „maker aesthetic“ openly shows every connection: the roughly welded steel rods, the steel cables as bracing, the industrial casters – and the 16 suction cups, which might have been used in a factory if they didn’t form a fascinatingly raw seat here.

To be honest, this piece is more of an object than a chair. It works quite well at the kitchen bar to have an espresso or to write a shopping list. But not more. Otherwise, it’s just nice to look at. And when you look at it like that – it smiles back.

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