More than bliss
Happy Birthday, Bryan Ferry!

More than bliss

Happy Birthday to Bryan Ferry, the most elegant crooner, songwriter, pop star and art object in his own right. Born to a working-class family, Ferry studied fine art and taught at a secondary school before pursuing a career in music.

In 1970 he began to assemble the rock band Roxy Music with a group of friends in London and took the role of lead singer and main songwriter.

Roxy Music was the driving force of change and innovation not only in the British music scene but, believe it or not, also had an immense influence on the foundation of Chic. Ferry began a parallel solo career in 1973 by releasing These Foolish Things, which popularized the concept of releasing an album covering standards and was a kind of counter design to his ongoing work with Roxy.


“Roxy Music changed the face and curves, the visage and physique, of rock and pop. From their definitively art-school debut album of 1972, the collision of past and future of which still startles, through the Gatsby sighs of Ferry’s gondolas, glam and goddesses period, then the two-year split, then the return with the likes of Manifesto and Avalon (so improbably refined that they shouldn’t exist, can’t exist, but do), Roxy were the ultimate marriage of style and substance: inspiring, influential, intoxicating.”  Chris Roberts, “Olympian Heights: Bryan Ferry Talks to Chris Roberts”


In 2019, Ferry was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Roxy Music. At least check out the albums “For your Pleasure”,  “Avalon”, “Another Time, another Place” and “Boys and Girls” – and sway away.

… don’t stop the dance, Mister Ferry!

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