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The magic drone in life and music

Monolithic Undertow by Harry Sword

Release date: 02/2022

Published by: White Rabbit Books

ISBN: 9781474615259

Our LIEBLING OF THE DAY is not one of the many books about music – just because it’s about the drone. The drone in music history, the drone in us, and in the world around us. The topic may seem strange at first glance, but this book is one of the most exciting journeys we have been on in recent times.

Monolithic Undertow alights a crooked path across musical, religious and subcultural frontiers. It traces the line from ancient traditions to the modern underground, navigating archaeoacoustics, ringing feedback, chest plate sub-bass, avant-garde eccentricity, sound weaponry and fervent spiritualism.

From Neolithic beginnings to bawdy medieval troubadours, Sufi mystics to Indian raga masters, cone shattering dubwise bass, Hawkwind’s Ladbroke Grove to the outer reaches of Faust and Ash Ra Temple; the hash-fueled fug of The Theatre of Eternal Music to the cough syrup reverse hardcore of Melvins, seedy VHS hinterland of Electric Wizard, ritual amp worship of Earth and Sunn O))) and the many touch points in between. Enjoy the crazy ride, you won’t regret it.

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