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Mid-60s Eams Lounge Chair

Mid-60s Eams Lounge Chair

Product: Eames Lounge Chair

Designer: Ray and Charles Eames

Manufacturer: Fehlbaum (Vitra) under the licence of Herman Miller

Year: 1966

Dimensions: h: 83 cm, w: 86 cm, d: 87 cm

Materials: rio rosewood, leather, rubber, metal, upholstery

Price: on request at antibeige

The grandmaster of armchairs: an Eames Lounge Chair is the most comfortable thing the 20th century had to offer.

Charles & Ray Eames first introduced the „Lounge Chair + Ottoman“ in 1956 as a more modern and even more comfortable variant of the well-known, but old-fashioned, deep-buttoned english clubchairs.

Today there are many Eames Lounge Chairs around – after all, it’s still being produced. That doesn’t make the chair less beautiful, but it’s always something special to find more extraordinary vintage models.

Here we have a very special mid-60s lounge chair, completely restored by a Vitra-certified restorer, newly upholstered and covered with a high class, super-soft & velvety natural leather.

This armchair was produced in mid-1960 and at that time the cushions were still upholstered with down. Down cushions tend to become „sat flat“ over the years.

From the beginning of the 70s, the down filling was replaced by cold foam that doesn’t compress. That’s why we worked hard with our restorer to develop a comfortable cold foam upholstery with a „soft crumpled pillow“ look. And we’re really satisfied with the outcome.

The seating shell is made of the classic ‚Brazilian Rosewood Veneer‘, which has an exciting grain. The veneer has been skilfully crafted to create two „hearts“ in the upper part of the backrest.

It comes with the legally required cites-certificate (convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora). There’s no ottoman – if needed, it would be possible to search for a matching one and reupholster it with the same leather accordingly.

Good to know: although the lounge chair looks so compact and robust – its construction is delicate.

It’s not advisable to lean on the backrest while standing behind the chair or to sit on the armrests. Better sit down right in the middle and enjoy the feeling of a warm luxurious hug.

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