Martin Eder
Our favourite artist in 2023

Martin Eder – Our favourite artist in 2023

As always, this year’s Freeze in London was once again a sensational stage for the international art scene with many great highlights.

For us, however, the works of Martin Eder stood out. This small collection of photos should whet your appetite for more… enjoy the ride!

It was booth A16 of the EIGEN + ART Gallery from Leipzig/Berlin with works by the artist Martin Eder that caught immediately our attention… Eder, born in Augsburg in 1968, now lives and works in Berlin.

What did the gallery say about his work? „(…) Eder now enters Elysium – the Island of the Blessed, as described in Greek mythology. It is Paradise. Once one reaches it, healing, happiness, and idyll are in sight. Finally salvation. (…)“

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