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L’Étoile de Berru – Zero Dosage 2017

L’Étoile de Berru – Zero Dosage 2017 in a limited edition of 500 bottles

The champagne creates a vibrant feeling on the palate and is an immediate bubbling inspiration. The play of freshness and vinosity forms an exciting alternation and blends with light brioche tones and green apple. The lightness, a dancing brizzle, completes the picture and gives “L’Étoile de Berru” an irresistible drinking flow. This year was very challenging.

Due to a warm and humid autumn, it was necessary to harvest very quickly and sort them very carefully. Adam-Mereaux succeeded with clean and ripe Chardonnay grapes of the highest quality. A particularly amazing atypical vintage! André Macionga is fascinated by a “noble pearl that permeates us green. We lie in the dry hay and eat young pears, sniff unripe melons and enjoy the view of the freshness.”

»A master in its class – bone dry brilliant.«
To be enjoyed until 2060 at 7°C

Clear yellow and light green tones. Freshness, lightness and esprit herald the spring! With an incredible amount of energy, joie de vivre, emotion, youthfulness, green apples and apple peel, this champagne is one of my absolute favorite vintages in the area. Super lively with an optimistic charisma. With a lot of oxygen in the mouth, almond tones and marzipan also come.

As if you first eat the pieces of fruit from the apple pie and then the shortcrust pastry. Without oxygen, the champagne is fresh and green and with oxygen with almond and coconut. The freshness always remains clear. The Extra Brut Zero Dosage is extremely versatile. You can look at it from different angles and it surprises.

With air, the wine creates a silence, a devotion that is symbolic of the complexity of champagne itself. Transcendence. When you have it on your palate, you forget the rest. The Zero Dosage exudes purity and luxury. Luxury simply means the moment to drink the now. A master in its class. Bone dry brilliant.


André Macionga

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