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Le Petit Ibiza – The best way to discover the island at home

After discovering Ibiza 10 years ago, a Paris-based family fell in love with the island and started »Le Petit Ibiza« to share their passion about everything that makes you happy to discover: wild coves, hiking, agro-tourism, hippie culture, turquoise sea, gastronomy, spirituality and preserved nature …

»We felt a unique magnetism and since then, we go there every year.«
Who is “the family” and when did you fall in love?

We are Claire-Eva and Julien, we live in Paris all year round and have a wonderful 3-year-old daughter. Julien discovered the island 10 years ago. He fell in love with the island and felt a unique magnetism. Since then, we go there every year and enjoy discovering the island a little more each time. From the age of 3 months Charlie was already in a baby carrier while hiking!

Why Ibiza?

It was by chance, a magic during our first stays and since then very good memories with friends and family. When we went back to Paris and people asked us where we were coming from and we said Ibiza, the reactions were the same. The cliché of TV documentaries and articles, the party, the drugs, the techno, the excess. But although this part exists, it represents only 10% of the island. The rest is just the opposite.

Can you describe the essence of the magic of Ibiza?

It’s a unique magnetism that may come from the Es Vedra rock. Excellent preservation of the green areas and the entire seacoast. Apart from the main towns, there are no modern buildings along the beaches. The island is very wooded, slightly hilly, with a characteristic red earth. Finally, there is a hippy culture, gentle, open to the “bon vivre”, agrotourism restaurants that only use local products, a respect for the seasons and nature.

What does Le Petit Ibiza offer?

We want to put forward the opposite of all the clichés about the island. We won’t communicate much about the parties, but we will put forward practical advice, good addresses, spots not to be missed, but also craftsmen to be discovered, secret places. We are partners with the Ibiza Preservation association, which works to protect the island’s flora and fauna.

Who takes all the wonderful pictures?

Some of the pictures are made by us, the others are from a selection we make from very talented photographers.

Le Petit Ibiza also makes clothes and bags. How did that happen?

When we were on the island we wanted to bring back a souvenir, however many things are vulgar, too touristy, or related to parties. We thought it would be nice to create a small eco brand highlighting the different lands of the island through the sun, sea, fauna, and flora.

What is your favourite magical place on the island?

Tough questions! Julien has a special bond with Cala Jondal. Claire-Eva enjoys the area of Sant Joan de Labritja very much. To name but a few, the village of Santa Gertrudis, Cala Saladeta, Gracioneta, Punta Galera, the view of Es Vedra, Santa Agnes and finally Es Portixol.

Merci, Claire-Eva et Julien!

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