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Albanella Table Lamp by Brazzoli & Lampa

Albanella Table Lamp by Brazzoli & Lampa

Product: Albanella Table Lamp

Designer: Sergio Brazzoli & Ermanno Lampa

Manufacturer: Harvey Guzzini

Release Date: 1973

Dimensions: h: 47 cm, w: 59,7 cm, d: 46 cm

Materials: cast iron, plastic, rubber

Price: on request at antibeige

Albanella is an Italian town, a grape, a bird of prey – and a lamp (perhaps named after the bird whose male specimens are mainly white with black wing tips). This elegant luminaire was produced by Harvey Guzzini – and this is not a designers name, but that of an Italian company.

Harvey Guzzini was founded in the early sixties by the six brothers Guzzini and named after a giant, invisible, talking rabbit featured in the 1950 Jimmy Stewart film “Harvey”, a family favourite. The company over the years developed many successful luminaires for all interior applications and concentrated in particular on the possible applications of the material over time.

The sculptural lamp sits somewhere between a luxurious Italian style and a futuristic space-age design. Its white lampshade with black edge rests on a heavy cast iron base, and a round black dim switch is attached in the middle.

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