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Kamanima 2015

Kamanima 2015 – in a limited edition of 507 numbered bottles

Despite its youthful age, this wine is already a wine of character. Full-bodied, spicy and masculine, you can sense its longevity.

Also in the future “Kamanima” will remain an impressive pleasure.

»The cuvée Kamanima always retains its unmistakable coolness.«

With the explosiveness and smokiness of a huge fireworks display, the aromas fly towards the nose. The flinty aromas are also reflected on the palate and meet the bloody iron tones of a freshly sliced ​​tartar. Metallic notes from a screw in the mouth are reminiscent of a workbench and the smell of a workshop. Despite the lush breadth and texture, the cuvée Kamanima always retains its unmistakable coolness and its unique character.

Oxygen. The cuvée now screams with such a shrill voice that we almost forget the color film and shows itself in the nose in such a rich red that you can hardly wait for the second sip. The fresh tartare from the beginning has now become a steak tartare that has been gently kissed by the flame, creating an extravagant flavors with light roasted aromas, acidity and lushness.

The cuvée Kamanima 2015 is a very tolerant wine, which, despite its broad cross, is characterized by a unique light-footedness.


André Macionga

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