Introducing NicasConcept
Abandoned fabric turned into unique handbags

NicasConcept – abandoned fabric turned into unique handbags

Every week we present a brand that is part of the portfolio of The Wearness – the online marketplace for sustainable clothing, accessories and beauty. This time we introduce you to »NicasConcept« by the sisters Carolina and Nika.

They create unique handbags made from old, abandoned interior fabric scraps that would normally end up in the bin. NicasConcept bags are designed in Berlin and handmade in Istanbul with a focus on an ethical supply chain and respect for the planet.

The interview was conducted together with our colleagues from The Wearness.

»We don’t think much of short-term trends and rather focus on timeless and and extraordinary design.«
Nika and Carolina
Dear Carolina, dear Nika, please introduce yourselves.

We are Nika and Carolina, two sisters from Austria and both live in Berlin. Carolina founded her own fashion label ‚La Folie‘ directly after her fashion studies and was thus able to give free rein to her creative streak.

Nika, who had previously gained her first online shop experience at WESTWING, also decided to go her own way & start a fashion online shop.


How did the idea for the label come about? Was there a key moment?

The foundation for our self-employment in fashion was probably laid by our fashion-loving mother years ago. She herself ran two top fashion boutiques in Austria for several years and thus gave us a lot of experience.

So, it was only a matter of time to take the next big step together. Since we have both always been big bag fans, it was clear what our next project would be. It was important to us that the bags were unique, affordable for everyone and, above all, sustainably produced.

What is special about NicasConcept?

Each NICA bag is unique because it is made from a specific left over piece of fabric and is therefore unique in its design. We do love the idea of giving the fabrics a second life with our creations.

We don’t think much of short-term trends and rather focus on timeless and and extraordinary design.

Do you both design the bags or is there a clear division of labour?

We are equally involved in the designing process. Nika is responsible for the production handling and Carolina takes care of the brand appearance. Still final decisions are always made by the two of us.

Running a label as sisters is especially great because…

Since we have a very close relationship, we both nearly almost have the same goals and values, which makes it easy to work together. We are grateful to develop ourself not only personally but also professionally.

Not to mention that we have a lot of fun together.

Why did you choose Istanbul as the production location?

Istanbul is known for good hand craft and manufacturing companies. Our Production in Izmir perfectly met our expectations of high quality manufacturing and fair labor standards.

Will there be other accessories or ready-to-wear fashion under your label in the future or will you stay focused on bags for the time being?

For now we will only focus on hand bags. Still we named our label NicasConcept for a reason 😉 Our big dream always has been to offer various of cool stuff. So stay tuned.

Thank you, Nika and Carolina!

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