Introducing Fritz the label
Sustainability and zeitgeist

FRITZ the Label – the combination of sustainability and zeitgeist

Every week we present a brand that is part of the portfolio of The Wearness – the online marketplace for sustainable clothing, accessories and beauty. This time we introduce you to »FRITZ the Label« by Lisa Osterholzer.

The fairly produced slow fashion brand aims to create simple pieces of the highest quality that last longer than a season – and all with a certain twist.

The interview with Lisa is conducted by our colleagues from The Wearness.

»We don’t work in collections, but instead consciously launch one piece at a time.«
Lisa Osterholzer, the founder of FRITZ the Label
Hello Lisa, would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m the founder of FRITZ. Ever since I can remember, fashion has been my biggest passion. My professional career started in the communication department of a French luxury brand.

Since then, I have been able to gain experience at various companies in the industry, which encouraged me to found FRITZ in the summer of 2019. Now I work every free minute on the further development of the brand.


What does your brand stand for?

FRITZ the Label stands for fairly produced slow fashion. We believe in the combination of sustainability and zeitgeist. That’s why we design clothes of the highest quality that outlast trends – all under a brand that we created with a twinkle in our eye.

How did the idea for your label come about?

I love oversize and I love classic cuts with that certain twist. I also appreciate good quality at affordable prices. For a long time, it seemed almost impossible for me to find these three aspects combined in one piece of clothing.

So, when I was desperately searching for the perfect basic shirt in spring 2018 and couldn’t find it, I decided to sew it myself without further ado. And although the piece was not a masterpiece of tailoring, I wore it almost every day. When I received a lot of encouragement, an idea was born.

After a year of careful consideration, a few doubts and a lot of heart and soul, FRITZ was born. A brand with the aspiration to create fairly produced valuables and the goal of becoming the coolest contemporary fashion brand there is.

What is special about FRITZ?

FRITZ is pure, trendy, fair and affordable. We aim to create fashion in the spirit of the times without compromise. We don’t work in collections, but instead consciously launch one piece at a time. Because fashion should be fun and yet, as a brand, we bear a great responsibility towards customers and nature with every piece we produce. FRITZ stands for slow fashion, is designed in Munich and produced in Portugal.

What about sustainability?

The idea of sustainability was already essential when we chose our partners in Portugal: we work with small sewing factories that pay their employees a fair wage.  All fabrics used are produced locally or sourced under the strictest conditions.

Each of our fabrics is GOTS certified (GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard). In addition, we deliberately produce small quantities to avoid surplus and overproduction.

Thank you, Lisa!

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