Shoes ‘n boots with Greek roots that walk the talk

Amaata – shoes ‘n boots with Greek roots that walk the talk

Based and founded in Germany, all Amaata shoes – including the shoe bags and boxes – are exclusively handcrafted in Greece. They use durable calf and goat skin that is ethically sourced directly from that region.

We talked to Amaata founder Theonitsa about her journey, her approach and her brand new label.

»I want to encourage and empower other women to follow their dreams ….«
Amaata founder Theoni
When did you found Amaata and how did it come about?

I founded Amaata in 2021 during the Covid phase and my first collection has been launched in June 2021.

Over 25 years I was working in international corporate business with a lot of travelling but had been dreaming of designing shoes for a long time.

Although I didn’t feel fulfilled in my job any longer, it still seemed unimaginable, even scary, to leave my comfort zone and start all over again. I had a lot of passion, energy and positive thinking.

Please give us an insight into your journey …

It was definitely an amazing journey from the very first phone call with a manufacturer till my first shoe sold.

During several lockdowns, I took any possibility to travel to Greece, with no knowledge in the shoe business but with a lot of passion, energy and positive mindset. I think I made it.

How did you acquire shoe design skills?

I was collecting a lot of magazines, books and viewing many videos about shoe design for years. It was a passion of mine. I had a lot of advice and amazing support from everyone who was involved in the production of my shoe collection.

What is your design approach?

Instead of following fast-fashion trends, we focus on timeless simplicity fused with high-end quality with a timeless feminine design without compromising comfort.

What is Amaata’s purpose?

I want to encourage and empower other women to follow their dreams with values, sense and passion.

What makes Amaata a sustainable brand?

The aim was to produce in Europe with fair, responsible and safe working conditions and in small quanities.

You have chosen Greece as the country where Amaata shoes are made. Why is that?

Due to my Greek roots my heart beats for “made in Greece” products.

How did you locate the family-owned workshops in Greece and how did you check the production conditions in terms of quality and fair payment?

I´ve spent months for my research, visits, negotiation, traveling, trial and error. From all the producers located in Greece I had to find those who offered the quality, the flexibility and the approach for a long-term partnership.

What are your plans for the future?

Stay tuned. New projects are in progress…

Thank you, Theoni!

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