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Freigeist 2018

»Freigeist 2018« in a limited edition of 2,240 bottles

A drinking flow full of volume and complexity. The whole thing is drawn into a never-ending length by a slender, delicate acidity.

The wine will give us a lot of joy now and in the years to come.

»Oh wait, you are so beautiful!«

The Freigeist permeates all of us. So loud and intense in the nose, with a gripping exoticism that fantasizes about wildly ripe guava forever. In the mouth, the slender acidity that animates us flows in a subtle, multi-layered manner.

A lonely beach day with you by the sea, the free spirit lies in a prehistoric clam shell in the ice. In the glass, the acid arouses a slightly greenish tone, plus the great game of seasoning, white pepper shines through just before you have to make Hatschi. To finally experience a finish, as if you were sucking off the nectarine core until you can still hear the slightly bitter taste.

Wooow, with some air an explosion of freshness, nevertheless the nose has become even more elegant, more subtle. The fruit has turned with spice. On the palate, it feels like a rotating drive from a fruit-flavour-acid-mineral washing machine drum.

The whirlwind taste is retained in a long guava-pepper aftertaste. With this almost ludicrous length, the Freigeist 2018 is a flavourful affair. This vintage is much more concentrated than the 2017. Aromatically, the two are not far apart, the 18 is simply more ripe and full and immediately there willingly. Now drink completely fresh or from 2024, alone, naked and happy with sand underfoot, cheer for great sounds. Oh wait, you are so beautiful!


André Macionga

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