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Freigeist 2017

Freigeist 2017 – Limited Edition of 2.240 bottles hand signed and numbered

Very straightforward aromas flash impressively to the palate at lightning speed. A true feast for the senses, which is celebrated full of zest for action.

»An expression of freedom, like a perfect transmission without a gearshift.«
Drinking temperature 10°C and to be enjoyed until 2035

When the bottle is opened, various accents and aromas flash immediately, giving the wine a remarkable complexity. Freigeist is a cuvée of 3 contrasting wine styles which, with their acidity, burgundy, spiciness and power, form an ingenious complexity and a very strong wine, which despite all of this appears puristic and elegant.

An expression of freedom, like a perfect transmission without a gearshift, which accelerates from zero to a hundred in a short time and takes off silently into the dusk. With some air, the perfect symbiosis from the beginning is now even more aromatic, broader and more masculine and despite all that it is still the expression of pure elegance.

A wine like a glowing spear that shoots through cold butter at the speed of light. Extract and sweetness romp around like wild children on the tongue and, in combination with the other aromas and the change in the second taste profile, give an idea that the Freigeist 2017 will become an even more valuable drinking fun with each additional year in the bottle.


André Macionga

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