Faster than a Cannonball by Dylan Jones

Title: Faster than a Cannonball

Author: Dylan Jones

Release date: 10/2022

Pages: 496

Published by: White Rabbit Books

ISBN-13: 9781474624572

Our LIEBLING OF THE DAY is a marvellous book about what happened in London and the UK in the 90s culture and music scene. Especially the mid-Nineties was perhaps the last time that bands, journalists and fans held onto a belief in rock’s mystical magic.

It was a period of huge cultural upheaval – in art, literature, publishing and drugs. London was – like in the late Sixties – the centre of the pop universe again and everybody in it enjoyed this very situation to the limit.

Faster Than a Cannonball is a cultural swipe of the decade from loungecore to the rise of New Labour, teasing all the relevant artistic strands through interviews with all the major protagonists and exhaustive re-evaluations of the important records of the year.

What’s the Story of the 90s? Just read the latest narrative collage from Dylan Jones – you will be amazed at what a profound insight you will get into the British psyche.

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