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Introducing ‚KCA-LAB‘

KCA-LAB – sportswear, sisterhood and sustainability

Every week we present a brand that is part of the portfolio of The Wearness – the online marketplace for sustainable clothing, accessories and beauty.

This time we introduce you to KCA-LAB, the sportswear label which is committed to fairness and sustainability – and at the same time to the needs of the female body.

Read the interview with the three sisters and founders Kathrin, Charlotte and Amelie, conducted by our colleagues from The Wearness.

»It was always our dream to work and build something up together one day.«
Who are you and what do you do?

KCA stands for Kathrin, Charlotte and Amelie. We are the three founding sisters behind this sustainable premium activewear brand.

LAB stands for laboratory, as we are constantly experimenting and developing innovations like our aloe vera kits. It also stands for collaborations that we like to pursue with like-minded people or brands.

When did you have the idea for KCA-LAB?

It was always our dream to work and build something up together one day. After an intense hiking retreat week at a place called the “Ashram” in the Calabasses mountains in L.A., we decided we were finally ready to take that big step together and we’ve never looked back.

How long have you been involved with sustainability?

Sustainability has always been important to us. We are all mothers, we all have dogs and all three of us grew up very close to nature.

Of course, we knew that fashion will never be 100% sustainable, but we try our best to get there. Our journey started when we founded KCA-LAB and we know we still have a long way to go.

Has your lifestyle changed since then?

Definitely, yes! When we started KCA-LAB, we were at a different point in our lives. We didn’t take care of our bodies and minds back then. But with running our business, we’ve learned that we need to find a balance and give back to our bodies.

We are a lot more mindful with our time – especially the work-free time we spend with our children. In terms of the environment, we always try to make sustainable choices in our everyday lives.

Is it possible to convince other people to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

Yes, definitely, it’s about education and showing that there are alternatives. It’s often the little things that make a big difference, but most people just don’t know about it. It’s up to us to educate and show better ways.

What about your personal sustainable hot spot?

All three of us love nature because it’s a great source of inspiration where we can recharge.

Thank you, Kathrin, Charlotte and Amelie!

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