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L’Étoile de Berru 2011 – Champagne

L’Étoile de Berru 2011 in a limited edition of 2,100 bottles

Many say it was a nightmare, some were in heaven. Adam-Mereaux believes that 2011 is one of the best vintages!

The grapes were harvested in the right place and at the right time with exceptional quality. So this champagne had more than one lucky hand. We are lucky!

“The dense texture is still pretty fresh. Mrs. Quince talks to Mr. Elder while Miss Butter caramelises the young onions. Some green apples are singing, and light rays of anise brighten our mood. À la votre! “ says Monsieur Macionga happily.

»This champagne is extremely exciting to enjoy …«

Freshly opened, yeast aromas reach the nose directly. It appears as if the wine has been on the fine lees for a longer period of time. Brioche and caramel pair with fresh green notes of basil, mint and apple quince.

We experience the nose with a Burgundian breadth, the palate very slim with a firm acidity. This champagne is extremely exciting to enjoy, if it is drunk by swirling with plenty of oxygen, it appears slim with aromas of pomelo and light citrus notes. If you just enjoy it, it has a very broad flavor on the palate and tongue with an aroma of nut butter.

A walking tightrope act of balancing between the freshness and the dense tones! The champagne is only a crack on the palate. When the noise subsides, the complete beauty reveals itself. The noise washes away the tightrope act and leaves behind the individual beautiful tones. A dramatic start that is slowly coming to a standstill.


André Macionga

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