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Es ist wie es ist No. 7

Es ist wie es ist No. 7 – Limited Edition of 1.200 bottles

Beautifully present right on the palate, the seventh Es ist wie es ist shows its complex individual skills.

With a light nuttiness, salty orange zest and caramelized pineapple, the potpourri of extraordinary aromas is combined with the earthy, stony flavor of the terroir.

That is the peculiarity of the No. 7, here, despite the abundance of exoticism, the terroir idea of ​​the Escherndorfer Lump comes out.

»Like a drop of tarragon essence dreaming on a coffee lime leaf.«
Drinking temperature 8°C and to be enjoyed until 2043

In the nose, the exoticism of salty orange and sweet-caramelized pineapple exudes its scent. The wine spreads to the middle and then tapered off. These candied fruit notes are immediately present on the palate and melt into a kind of liquid panettone of the highest quality.


The intense fruit play is expanded with a little air with pronounced spice. Like pebbles drenched with cinnamon, lying in flowery-scented earth. Like Japanese mountain pepper dancing with orange citrus. Like a drop of tarragon essence dreaming on a coffee lime leaf. The multitude of facets becomes more interesting with every minute. A staccato of exotic, spice and terroir. In order to be polished in the end.


After a day and a night, the wine has grown again, rounder and more harmonious. Elegant but demanding. And still extremely eager to get the drinker’s full attention. In front of us is an aromatic wall, the complexity of which welcomes us openly.


André Macionga



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