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Es ist wie es ist 2014

»Es ist wie es ist 2014« in a limited edition of 110 bottles

Seasoning, fruit, wax … everything stands in line as a welcoming committee. A full, rapid aroma intensity that challenges our palate to grasp the variety.

»With my eyes closed, I feel transported back to late summer.«

When my nose sniffs the glass for the first time, I immediately perceive numerous aromas. The wine looks young and fresh, and yet you can taste the ripeness of the fruit. With my eyes closed, I feel transported back to late summer.

At this time of year in Lower Austria – more precisely Wachau – the trees are bursting with apricots. I smell apricot jelly. The first sip tastes minerally and at the same time enormously like concentrated yellow fruit. This yellow fruit reminds me of a dark yellow compote. It contains a slight sweetness that is reminiscent of caramel, and yet the wine has a harmonious acidity. A perfectly fermented grape juice.

With air, the cuvée becomes wilder in the nose. The smell of apricot becomes dominant and makes a heavy impression. Now you can smell the sweetness of the caramel in your nose. The texture on the palate now looks very round. The wine makes a charming impression, and yet corners and edges can be clearly recognized. They are noticeable in the form of citrus notes.

The sweetness becomes more decisive. It looks bitter and dark. The texture is now noticeably in line with the taste. The wine texture underlines the aroma structure and brings the drinker a visual experience. The fruit, the acidity and the texture are in a fantastic balance.


André Macionga

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