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Precious skin food reinvented

The interview with founder Dr. Ekaterini Dalampekou-Noel

Can you still remember how you spent the first phase of the covid pandemic? With more sports or more books or maybe just less pace?

Ekaterini Dalampekou-Noel used the time in her own way and founded a brand for novel foods and luxury skin care in addition to her successful medical practice. So, that made us curious …

»My top priority is to always choose only the best from nature.«
How did the decision come about to start your own skincare and nutritional supplement brand?

Before dr.noel, I ran a successful practice in the heart of Munich for about 25 years, started my family with my husband and two great boys and enjoyed a full life. The initial moment actually came in the middle of the first pandemic phase.

Due to a previous illness, I had to stay at home for a whole six weeks as a high-risk patient. It was pure luxury. During this phase, I had enough time to dive deeply into topics such as aging research, epigenetics, personalisation of medical care based on DNA and many other aspects. Topics that have always fascinated me, but for which there was never enough time beforehand to really do intensive research.

How long did it take from the initial idea to the launch of the brand?

It took almost exactly two years until I had my first product in my hand for the launch of my brand (smiles).

Dr. Ekaterini Dalampekou-Noel
Did you develop the Skincare and Novel Foods products in parallel?

My primary idea was to produce food supplements. The idea for cosmetics came immediately afterwards. An article about the pollution of conventional cosmetics with partly carcinogenic ingredients such as microplastics, silicones and parabens led me to the decision to do it better myself and to come up with my own cosmetics line. Without problematic ingredients and exclusively from the best sources.

Speaking of which: how time-consuming is the sourcing?

Sourcing is one of the most complex processes in the development of my products. My top priority is to always choose only the best from nature. In other words, it is about ingredients that cannot be surpassed in purity and quality and, of course, also have a proven effect. As a doctor, I have more effective access to the most important portals and studies that have supported this process.

For example, there are various sites from which the quercetin can be extracted from Japanese cord extract. The highest concentration and best purity of the polyphenols it contains are found directly in the flowers of the plant. You have to know that (smiles). Exactly this background knowledge has also quickly led us to the desired results with all the other ingredients.

Japanese cord tree
Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is a central component of your Longevity Skincare ELYSIAGE and your Novel Foods. What makes this active ingredient so special?

Nicotinamide mononucleotide is the active substance responsible for delaying the ageing process at the cellular level. It has been scientifically proven that NMN alters cellular processes by directly influencing the energetic functions of the cells and restores cellular functions to a youthful status. Studies by renowned institutes prove these effects and the reversal process of cellular aging.

The NMN Novel Food dragees
The Serum
When and with what different tasks do The Serum and The Cream come into play?

The Serum and The Cream are two coordinated skin care products that have received 5 stars in Dermatest clinical tests and have been confirmed in different studies as particularly effective in the context of neurodermatitis and rosacea.

The Serum with its high antioxidant potential through the use of astaxanthin and precious natural oils prepares the skin to defend itself against environmental influences and leaves a pleasant silky feeling on the skin.

The Cream Elysiage, with the Super Booster made of the active ingredients Bakuchiol (100% natural and particularly valuable retinol equivalent) is effective against eczema and skin irritations and stimulates the collagen formation on the skin, NMN regulates the skin’s blood circulation and gives the skin a youthful glow, the super antioxidant resveratrol firms the skin’s elasticity, Acmella Oleracea extract (rich in vitamin C, folic acid and spilanthol) acts as a natural Botox, to name but a few.

In addition, there are a variety of organic oils such as pomegranate oil, thyme oil and grape seed oil. The skin is plumped up from the inside and glows. The interplay of a multitude of other ingredients and organic oils such as pomegranate oil, thyme oil and grape seed oil is pure detox for the skin.

The Cream
What do your Novel Food products add to healthy nutrition?

We know that the term healthy nutrition is a very strained term today due to the stress of our environment. In addition, the concentration of valuable vitamins and nutrients in our food has greatly decreased.

My Novel Foods are supplements that fill all these gaps and strengthen the organism’s resistance. The antioxidant potential of active ingredients such as resveratrol, ashwagandha and quercetin have a direct influence on all vital functions such as thinking ability, blood circulation, skin protection and stress reduction. The essential vitamins support this effect. And the NMN ensures that our vitality and freshness return.

We admire your courage. After all, you launched your brand at the end of the first Corona year. Looking back for the first time, what were the biggest challenges in this context?


Thank you very much! The biggest challenges were the manufacturing processes due to the limited function of the supply chains and the delivery of my products. I am glad that we were able to overcome all this.

Do you have other products in development?

Yes, there are more products in the pipeline. In a few months, an enzymatic facial peeling will be added and later also care products for the skin of our body.

And what about the men?

My products are to be understood as unisex products. After all, men should also be fit and look good (smiles)!

Thank you, Ekaterini!

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