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The Rubáiyát of Dorothy Ashby

Dorothy Ashby – The Rubáiyát of Dorothy Ashby

The Rubáiyát of Dorothy Ashby: Jazz purists might turn up their noses – too much soul, too many world music influences, too thickly applied production and cosy arrangements, almost an outlook towards the Earth, Wind & Fire phase in Chicago.

But for every open-minded listener, this LP on Cadet, recorded in the late 60s, is probably the best in a series of already great albums by the Jazz harpist. Why? All of these her very own compositions are full of playful free spirit, the record is infused with spirituality, Mrs. Ashby integrates the Japanese Koto as a matter of course, the accompanying ensemble purrs like clockwork, the whole LP lets time and space melt into each other.

Almost similar to Alice Coltrane, only more to the point. Listen to it and take off the perhaps existing puristic blinkers. On into another dimension, with harp, koto, piano and voice of the indescribable Dorothy Ashby.


Stefan Mohr

Stefan Mohr

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