David Byrne
Please don’t stop making sense

Worshipping David Byrne – Please don’t stop making sense

If ‚The Educated Cool‘ would do a multi-million-ad-campaign to introduce the magazine to the world, David Byrne would be amongst the testimonials we’d like to ask for the job.

He is a cosmopolitan mind, he is an extremely versatile artist, he is educated, funny, witty, cool … you name it. And above all, he is one of the few intellectuals who know how to groove.

‚Remain in Light‘ – released in October 1980

If you never heard anything from David Bryne, start with the Talking Heads Album ‚Remain in Light‘ and check out the Talking Heads concert from 1981 in Rome on YouTube.

That’s a wonderful introduction to his cosmos of amazing work that began in 1975 when the band played their first gig as Talking Heads opening for the Ramones at the CBGB in New York City.

Byrne with the Talking Heads in Rome 1981
When David Byrne tours, he travels with
a folding bicycle, bringing it to cities like London, Berlin, Buenos Aires…
Est-ce que c'est un pipe?

David Byrne has also released many solo albums in addition to collaborating with such artists as Robert Wilson and Brian Eno in the last fourty+ years. His art includes photography, a broadway show, installation works and several books. One of them is ‚Bicycle Diaries‘, which was published some years ago and is just a marvellous gem for Byrne-addicts and bike-people.

Published at Faber & Faber

He has been riding a bicycle as his principal means of transportation since the 1980’s. When he tours, Byrne travels with a folding bicycle, bringing it to cities like London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Manila, New York, Detroit and San Francisco. ‚Bicycle Diaries‘ gives the reader an incredible insight into what Byrne is seeing and thinking as he pedals around these cities. The book is an enchanting celebration of bike riding and of the rewards of seeing the world at bike level. Go for a ride with this book – you won’t regret it.


And by the way: If any of you happen to know David Byrne and speak to him soon, give him our best regards. Maybe our surreal vision of the The-Educated-Cool-campaign will come true… once in a lifetime.


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