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Concrete Coffee Table de France

Concrete Coffee Table de France

Product: Concrete Coffee Table

Designer: unknown

Manufacturer: unknown

Release date: ca. the 70s or early 80s

Dimensions: l: 104,5; w: 50,5; h: 31,5 cm

Materials: steel and concrete

Price: on request at antibeige

There is furniture that serves a very specific purpose – such as the wedding chest or the wing chair. And some define an entire lifestyle: where would the „coffee table books“ be without a coffee table? A smaller low table, usually rather narrow and long, so it fits between the sofa and armchairs.

It’s a modern lifestyle piece, so it became extremely „fashionable“ in the 50s and 60s. (Some also see the rise of television as a reason for its spread: coffee tables were low enough to not obstruct the view of the TV set.) very famous today are, for example, the French ceramic tables by Roger Apron or the Cloutier brothers Jean and Robert.

But here we have something very special, found on the last antibiege-Provence tour and probably a unique piece: a heavy stone slab, probably concrete, lies on a black steel frame. In it are deeply impressed graphic forms, a multibeam sun and a rhomb surrounded by ellipses.

The style and design suggest the 70s, the material, and workmanship rather the early 80s. It’s signed by the artist, presumably with the initial letter „n“, but not further identified.

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