Clean Skin Care by Circulove
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Clean Skin Care by Circulove

Circulove’s bioactive and biotic products nourish your skin in a natural way – vegan, free from animal testing and FI-Natura certified. The brand is supported by a group of lifestyle professionals, beauticians, Scandinavian designers and natural cosmetics chemists for whom sustainable thinking and responsible action are paramount.

Founder Päivi Paltola, has worked in the beauty, fashion and design industry for more than 20 years. Increasingly concerned about greenwashing, the high percentage of ineffective, untraceable ingredients and expired products stuck in superfluous packaging, she decided to start her own beauty label.

In our weekly series you find all the four products of Circulove which are available at The Wearness below: the cleansing face oil “Wash”, the nourishing face oil “Smooth”, the moisturizing face cream “Day” and the soothing face and eye serum “Calm”.

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