The interview with Päivi Paltola

The Interview with Circulove Founder

Päivi Paltola

Every week we present a brand that is part of the portfolio of The Wearness – the online marketplace for sustainable clothing, accessories and beauty.

This time we introduce you to »Circulove« by Pälvi Paltola. The Finish cosmetics brand promotes skin health in a natural way with a clear commitment to sustainability, a circular economy, and well-being for the planet and its communities.

Here, founder Päivi Paltola explains the concept of behind the brand.

»Luxury for me is about taking care of yourself, your community and our planet.«
Circulove Founder Päivi Paltola
Please tell us a little about yourself and your team.

I spent more than 20 years working with beauty, fashion and design, and I trained a CIDESCO-beautician. Circulove was a team effort from the start. It was formed by a group of lifestyle professionals, beauticians, Scandinavian designers and natural cosmetics chemists.

We all believe that sustainable thinking and acting responsibly is key to everything we do. Our commitment from day one has been to create circular, all natural and fermented skincare products with no compromises in efficacy or traceability.


The Circulove Founding Team
What inspired you to launch Circulove? Was there a key moment?

Having worked with beauty, design and fashion for many years, I became increasingly concerned about greenwashing, the high levels of ineffective, non-traceable ingredients, and the stale products contained in superfluous packaging I found in almost every product. This prompted me to investigate circular design principles in skincare to create more purposeful beauty.

The fact is that more than 80% of a product’s environmental footprint is often determined right at the start of the design phase. I wanted to create a truly circular lifestyle, with clean skincare and no compromises. And I wanted to help people in their efforts to live a more sustainable and purposeful lifestyle while enhancing their natural beauty.

What is special about the products?

All our products support a circular lifestyle. They combine clean, fresh and natural beauty with social responsibility and circular design thinking: that means we source, develop, manufacture, use and reuse materials in a way that respects the company’s ecological footprint and the well-being of people and planet. Our products are vegan, cruelty free and FI-Natura Certified. We use food-grade oils that are 99,8% pure and largely made with by-products from the organic food industry. For example, one unique scent comes from cucumber, white and green tea. That’s because we believe that ingredients that are good for your body are also great for your skin.

We use a unique, slow 3-5 weeks fermentation method that covers all the active ingredients holistically in the formula, not just single ingredients or probiotic extracts. Even our natural oils are fermented! So it’s like feeling kombucha benefits on your skin.

Plus, vegan probiotics and prebiotics support the skin’s microbiome and barrier. They balance and nurture natural wellbeing after daily exposure to pollution, wind and sun, or blue light from digital screens and friction from wearing face masks. We’re proud that our best-selling CALM Soothing Serum for Face and Eyes won the Global Green Beauty Awards 2021.

What makes Circulove a sustainable brand?

First of all, there’s traceability. Circulove skincare is made with 100% natural biodegradable ingredients, all individually and sustainably sourced. About 85% of the ingredients come from Finland – the cleanest country in the world.

We want to offer full transparency, so you can find a list of all the ingredients and their origin on our website. What you won’t find there are mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, sulphates, silicones, chemical sunscreen, nano zinc oxide, colorants, added perfumes or GMO.

And what about your packaging?

That’s another aspect of our clean beauty approach. Because to us, ‘clean’ means more than just ingredients. We use green chemistry and small-batch production to secure freshness and efficacy. All our products are marked with the best-before-date and batch number, so you always know they’re fresh and, unlike more conventional skin care products, we don’t offer a 36-month shelf life.

Our bottles are designed to be airless, so they keep the contents germ free and ensure that only the right amount is used and nothing is wasted. They’re also the perfect bottle size for using on the go. All the bottles are 100% recyclable, and 30%  is made with recycled Ocean Waste Plastic. Our first production batch was made with 49.286 pieces of plastic bags that local fishermen retrieved from the Java Sea!

It’s all part of our efforts to take real action: We’re committed to the United Nations development goals (UNSDG) and we’re taking action to support communities and to fight poverty and inequality: For example, our Shea butter comes from Ghana, and our coconut ingredients are sourced form fair-trade farms in the Philippines.

How would you define luxury?

For me, true luxury is about making smart choices, both from a social and ecological perspective and in terms of well-being. It’s about taking care of yourself, your community and our planet. This luxury is what I call a circular lifestyle.

Thank you, Päivi!

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