Liebling of the Day
Beautifully striped cashmere by Antonia Zander

Beautifully striped cashmere sweaters by Antonia Zander

Our LIEBLING OF THE DAY is just more than one. We came across the latest striped sweaters of one of our favourite fashion brands – Antonia Zander – and we decided to present them all.

They are part of this year’s Spring Collection which was just launched some days ago by the Munich-based cashmere brand.

The brands story begins in Mongolia. Here, nomads have lived with their cashmere goats for thousands of years. Their fine underhair is carefully combed out and spun into the finest yarns in a complex processing procedure.

Each piece is knitted in family-run manufactories in Italy – and with proper care, it will only become more beautiful over the years … and not only a liebling of the day.

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