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Stanley Turrentine – Don’t mess …

Stanley Turrentine – Don’t mess with Mister T.

Mr. T is a professional trouble-shooter who is hired to protect a criminal kingpin’s girlfriend from rival gangsters, in the crime film „Trouble Man” from 1972. The film features a soulful soundtrack by #MarvinGaye and has been praised for its portrayal of African American characters and themes. Stanley Turrentine’s record from 1973 on CTI takes a symphonic jazzy approach on the movie tracks.

The smooth and soulful sound of Mr. Turrentine’s saxophone reflects the cool and confident demeanor of Mr. T, the jazz and funk elements represent the urban setting and cultural context of the story. Overall, Turrentine’s saxophone play plus the production of Creed Taylor and arrangements of Bob James, typical for the lavish CTI sound, enhance the mood and atmosphere of the film soundtrack, making it a memorable and influential work of art.


Stefan Mohr

Stefan Mohr

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