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Boogaloo Joe Jones

Boogaloo Joe Jones – What it is

Boogaloo Joe Jones was an absolute powerhouse in the world of soul jazz! His albums in the 1970s on Prestige are considered classics of the genre, and his influence can be heard in the music of many contemporary jazz guitarists. ‚What it is‘ is a wonderful example, combining the innovative approach of Mr. Jones to the guitar with the unstoppable jazz funk rhythms by Bernard Purdie. In the context of jazz, ‚what it is‘ refers to the fundamental nature of the music itself.

Jazz is a genre that has evolved over time and has been shaped by a variety of cultural, social, and historical factors. It is a form of expression that is rooted in improvisation, creativity, and collaboration. Ultimately, the answer to ‚what it is‘ in jazz may be subjective and open to interpretation, as different musicians and listeners may have their own unique perspectives on the genre. However, the pursuit of this question is at the heart of jazz and its ongoing evolution as a dynamic and vibrant art form. When you like it especially spirited and radiant – listen to Boogaloo Joe Jones.


Stefan Mohr

Stefan Mohr

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