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The Joy Grind by Horace Silver

The Horace Silver Quintet/Sextet – The Joy Grind

Why is Horace Silver important in the world of jazz? Just picking three reasons: Mr. Silver is a pioneer of hard bop, blending rhythm and blues, gospel, and bebop. His unique style and innovative compositions have profoundly influenced subsequent generations of jazz musicians. Silver’s work also reflects multicultural American society, incorporating elements of African and Latin American music, as seen for instance in his album „The Cape Verdean Blues“.

Talking about „The Jody Grind“, this 1967 record is a funky jazz masterpiece with an advanced front line, featuring players like Woody Shaw and James Spaulding. It’s one of Silver’s most challenging and underappreciated records, but his piano playing is at its rhythmic, funky best throughout. The title cut is a playful classic, while „Grease Piece“ is a terrific hard swinger full of smoking solo statements. If you love other Blue Note records classics like „Song for My Father“ and „Blowin‘ the Blues Away,“ „The Jody Grind“ is a must-listen.


Stefan Mohr

Stefan Mohr

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