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Quincy Jones and his heavyweight Jazz Superstars

Quincy Jones – Smackwater Jack

Quincy, how many heavyweight Jazz Superstars will play on your new album?‘ ‚Yes.‘ One would have to check if this is true for every album of Mr. Jones: To engage the absolute upper class of musicians at that time to refine even the smallest solo in the backmost arrangement corner and thus to make a jewel out of every song. Absolute madness! And at the same time the vibe is so light-footed and entertaining that one can only guess at the work behind it if one pays very close attention.


The grumblers will notice that this is not pure Jazz – a lot of crossover between funk, soul and popular TV themes. It doesn’t matter: When Hubert Laws, Jimmy Smith, Freddie Hubbard, Grady Tate and the countless others jam under the direction of an inspiring genius, it’s just insanely good music. Period.


Stefan Mohr

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